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Are We Becoming Allergic to Ourselves?

Our bodies are literally attacking themselves through a process called Autoimmunity.

Many new cases of Autoimmunity are being reported every year. According to Scientific America, “More than 40 autoimmune conditions have been identified . . . Together they constitute the third leading cause of sickness and death after heart disease and cancer.”

It is now known that women have a much higher rate of developing Autoimmunity (AI); about 70% of all AI are found in women.

You may ask, how can this be?

The Journal of Endocrinolgy 2004 states: “The striking preponderance of autoimmune diseases has also been shown in several animal models, in which estrogens promote, whereas androgens abrogate, B-cell-mediated autoimmune diseases.”

Basically the article states estrogens cause cell DNA damage. To the right is a picture of an AI patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

What starts an Autoimmune condition?

According the Journal of Autoimmunity 2008, there is a direct relationship between cell injury and autoimmune disease. A number of mechanisms were recognized by which injury to cells induced by infectious, chemical or physical agents can initiate the autoimmune process.

The World Health Organization states lead levels in human skeletal remains indicate that the body lead burden of today’s populations is 500–1000 times greater than that of their pre-industrial counterparts.

What are some things everyone can do to decrease the symptoms of


First, as seen in all of my AI patients, reestablishing the integrity of the gut lining, decreases the symptoms of AI.

In the Journal of pathology 2008, the autoimmune process can be arrested if the interplay between genes and environmental triggers is prevented by re-establishing intestinal barrier competency.

Many studies also show that a greater intake (highest versus lowest tertile) of vitamin D was inversely associated with risk of RA.

Recent studies indicate that “Ganodermalucidum (G. lucidum) activates NK cells … Our results indicate that G. lucidum induces NK cell cytotoxicity against various cancer cell lines.

Is it time to take back control of your life? To learn more call Affinity Chiropractic at 612-564-5051 to schedule a consultation.

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May all of your efforts bring you health, happiness and success.

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