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"I started going to Dr. Mike in November for help with weight loss, and for the constant neck and back pain I was having. I am now down 25 pounds, and my neck and back have never felt better! Dr. Mike is awesome. I highly recommend him."

- J. K.


"I became a client of Dr. Mike's after suffering for several years from thyroid related issues. While visiting other doctors and feeling helpless, Dr. Mike took the time to know me and my symptoms. After multiple evaluations and exams, Dr. Mike was able to provide me with a treatment plan that has allowed me to feel like myself again. I am very thankful for the treatment Dr. Mike has provided me."

- S.F.



"I went to Dr. Komro for a car accident and not only was I fixed up, but he is probably one of the most down to earth healthcare providers I have met."


- M.C.



"Very knowledgeable about all of the services he provides. At first, I was skeptical as most people would be about chiropractors, but all of those thoughts were quickly removed by how quickly Dr. Komro was able to help diagnose and adjust my back/spine. He is very dedicated to his work."

- L. F.



"I have been seeing Dr. Mike for almost 2 years for multiple issues including back issues, weight loss and fertility. He is passionate about the work he does, and genuinely cares about my health and well being. Not only do I feel better physically, but I have learned so much about my body, fitness, health and nutrition through my appointments at Affinity Chiropractic."

- E.O.

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Review Dr. Komro, Minnetonka Chiropractor
Review Dr. Komro, Minnetonka Chiropractor
Review Dr. Komro, Minnetonka Chiropractor
Review Dr. Komro, Minnetonka Chiropractor

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