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Thyroid Support


Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:


  • Are you fatigued, tired, or sluggish?

  • Do you have cold feet and/or hands?

  • Do you require excessive amounts of sleep to function normaly?

  • Do you gain weight easily?

  • Do you have difficult or infrequent bowel movements?

  • Do you suffer from Depression and/or Anxiety?

  • Do you suffer from dryness of the skin and/or scalp?

  • Do you suffer from brain fog or mental sluggishess?

  • Lack of motivation to do just about anything?

  • Do you have morning headaches?

  • Is your hair thinning or falling out?

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism:


  • Do you have heart palpitations?

  • Do you suffer from inward trembling?

  • Do you have an increased pulse even at rest?

  • Are you nervous and emotional?

  • Do you suffer from the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep?

  • Do you suffer from night sweats? ​

  • Do you have difficulty putting weight on?



Dr. Komro uses a unique metabolic and neurological approach to help patients suffering with symptoms of thyroid disease. When working with Thyroid patients, many practictioners do not understand that the brain is inflamed and suffering. 


The truth is: that to address the symptoms created by thyroid disease, you have to address brain health as well!  


Thyroid dysfunction for any length of time impacts the health of the brain. To restore health to a patient that has thyroid symptoms, the brain function must be optimized.


Some examples of neurologic symptoms that often develop in thyroid patients include:


  • Chronic Fatigue                                         

  • Dizzyness/Balance Disorders         

  • Depression                                                      

  • Anxiety                                                  

  • Sleep Disorders     

  • Headaches    





4 Ways to Boost Your Low Thryoid and Your Metabolism


1. Balancing Your Hormones. Excess fake hormones from birth control pills, hormone creams, and BPA's from non orgaonic food, create a toxic enviroment which burdens the liver and decreases the active form of the Thyroid Hormone T3. Detoxifying fake estorgens through specific supplements is an easy way to boost your thryoid function.


2. Poor Blood Sugar Regulation: Americas addiction to Sugar, fast food, and a diet based in grains has produced a Country of Sugar- addicts. Sugar is literally Hyjacking our brains in to eating as much sugar as possible. This creates a condition called Dysglycemia, ie the body can not keep blood sugar stable and it becomes either too high or too low. 


3. Stressed out Adrenal Glands: Low Thyroid function is almost always secondary to some other dysfunction and often is it worn out adrenal glands. Basically when Chronic Adrenal Stress puts a heavy burden on the part of the brain that controls the Thryoid ie the hypothalmus and pitiutary, they are not able to communicate with the Thyroid well.  


4. Poor Digestion: There are some clinicians that are treating thyroid conditions with iodine. I do not recommend iodine in the treatment of thyroid conditions. According to renowned thyroid expert, Dr. Datis Kharriazian, author of the book, "Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?", using iodine to treat thyroid conditions is like throwing gasoline on a fire.




Hear what our patinets are saying about us:


"I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis by my primary care provider. Hashimoto's is a condition where the immune system attacks the thyroid.


I have experienced many unpleasant symptoms due to this condition - weigh gain, fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, anxiety and depression. I constantly had a feeling of being wired and tired at the same time.


Dr Mike has been helping me manage my symptoms with supplementation, diet coaching, adjustments, and wonderful support. He listens and is interested in what my symptoms are when I am having them. He is not dismissive to my needs and tweaks my program as needed.


I have energy, my anxiety is reduced, and I have been feeling great since I started working with Dr Mike. I highly recommend him to anybody who is struggling with a thyroid condition."    


- Katie Johnson

Do you experience fatigue? Weight gain? Brain fog? You may have a thyroid disease. Dr. Michael Komro, DC, CCN is one of the leading 
practitioners in low thyroid and thyroid disorders for 
patients of all ages living in the Minnetonka area. 

Dont waste another day feeling awful because you are trapped in outdated standards of Healthcare.

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