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Conquer your New Year's Resolution with these tips!

Happy New Year everyone! Now that we're coming off the holiday high and settling back into a routine, most of us are ready to put our New Year's Resolutions into practice. What better timing to start new habits than after vacation? Hopefully you're feeling well rested, rejouvenated and ready to rock that new diet or exercise plan! One of the best parts about New Year's Resolutions is that we're all in it together -- setting and achieving our goals side by side. Whether it's the commrodery or the competition that gets you going, we're here to help you conquer your resolution and discover a better you! 


5 Tips to Realize your Resolutions

Let's be honest, how many of us give up on our goals by week three? Statistics show that by January 15th, one-third of us have already surrendered to self doubt, laziness or a lack of interest. Check out the top 10 reasons people don't stick to their resolutions. Does one of these sounds like you?

  1. Going it Alone. Finding someone who can provide support creates acountability, which is essential for success. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to be more, do more and have more.

  2. Extremely Lofty Resolutions. Many of us choose resolutions that are too ‘big' and therefore we can't meet them. Examine your resolutions. Find somethig you can realistically do every day to help you reach what your are ultimately aiming for.

  3. Giving up Too Easily. The easiest way to break your resolution is to simply give up. Whether you get discouraged or lose interest, it's easy to lose the excitement come February as other priorities begin to take precedence. To cure this issue, try to set benchmarks throughout the year. 

  4. Financial Burden. Many give up on their resolutions if the associated expenses are too high -- for example, an expensive gym membership. Be creative and try to find cheaper ways to meet your goals. If you're trying to lose weight, you don't need a gym - try running outside or doing exercises a home.

  5. Wrong Perspective. Consider the New Year a time for reflection on things you wish to work on throughout the year. Instead of dwelling on what you have not accomplished, focus on what you will accomplish. Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive Life.


Step One: Be Aware.

Emotional eating tends to be automatic, so most of us are unconscious of the problem when we're experiencing it. One way to tell if you're falling into bad eating habits is to keep a food journal. Write down where you eat, when you eat and what you eat. At the office? Late at night? When you're alone? Look for patterns in your own behavior. 


Step Two: Find an Alternative.

Whenever you want to remove a bad habit, you have to put something else in its place. Replace stress eating with a healthy alternative. Here are some ideas!


  • Find a stress-reducing activity. Bundle up and go for a 30 minute walk outside by yourself. If it's warm, take a bike ride with a friend or head to the gym and shoot some hoops. Physical activity is one of the BEST ways to reduce stress and take care of your body. If you're low on energy, you could also make time to rest. Go out and get a massage, sign up for a yoga class or take a nap.

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  • Engage your brain. Distract yourself from emotional eating with an activity that requires brain power to refocus your thoughts on something else besides food. Curl up with a good book. Try a Sudoku puzzle. Call a close friend or family member whom you haven't spoken with in awhile. Emotional support helps reduce stress, too. 

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  • Keep a healthy diet. Don't let the holiday schedule derail your typical eating routine. When you skip meals, you're not giving your body that energy it needs to function properly, causing you to overeat later on. We also tend to dine out at restaurants or opt for fast food when traveling and visiting friends and family. So, when you are at home, be sure to eat fruits and vegetables and unprocessed foods. Treats are okay, too, if they are in small portions. 

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  • Need a quick fix? Try these. 

    • Give yourself a foot massage. Take off your shoes, grab a comfortable seat, and place your foot over a tennis ball. Rub each foot, one at a time, over the top of the ball until you're feeling relaxed. Self massage is known to lower your level of cortisol and slow your heart rate.

    • Try this, not that. If you need something to munch on, at least consider a healthy snack. Craving something salty? Consider pistachios -- they're packed with healthy fats, fiber and help regulate blood sugar. Need something sweet? Reach for a clementine. Peeling the orange and smelling the citrusy scent can actually create a meditative moment to calm your mind.

    • Sip black tea. Calm things down with a nice cup of tea. Black tea is also known to reduce your cortisol levels, the stress hormone that makes you crave food.

Step Three: Practice Makes Perfect

Whether it be journaling, self-massage, jigsaw puzzles or connecting with friends -- find a rhythm that speaks to you. Try out different techniques and keep practicing good habits!


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